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Romanian Lawyer Near Me - Andrei Jingan
Andrei Jingan El Dorado Hills, CA
Trusts and Estates, Trusts, Wills and Living Wills
2 years licensed
(800) 285-1140
Are you looking for an estate planning & trust attorney in San Francisco (Bay Area), Walnut Creek (East Bay), El Dorado Hills (Greater Sacramento) or other parts of Northern California? If your answer to the above question is affirmative, then you've come to the right place. Andrei Jingan is a California-licensed estate planning and trust attorney, with offices in San Francisco, Walnut Creek and El Dorado Hills serving clients throughout Northern California in the areas of Estate Planning (e.g. Living Trusts, Wills, Legacy Planning, Family Planning, Business Succession Planning, Business Law, Contracts, etc.) While most people think that they need just a will for estate planning purposes, very few realize that a will needs to be probated in California, and mandatory probate fees start at approximately $6000 up to hundreds of thousands depending on the total value of the deceased’s assets at the time of death. That being said, if a will is chosen as an estate planning tool, then to avoid probate, such will needs to be a pour-over will in addition to a living trust or needs to create a trust through its provisions instructing the will’s executor to transfer all estate assets to the trust. By working with a trust attorney, you can create a trust focused on minimization of taxes, protection of assets, delayed distributions to the intended beneficiaries (aka heirs) and planning for your incapacity. Regardless of your planning goals, you should begin working on your estate plan early in advance while you can still make any sound decision, and any delayed planning might result in the impossibility of such planning due to a sudden critical medical condition or even death. A trust attorney can help you tailor the distribution of the estate property and money taking into account special circumstances such as a minor beneficiary or an adult beneficiary who is not very financially responsible. The trustees named in the trust will carry out your preferences as directed in the trust document. This is a helpful option to someone who needs to leave assets to an heir whom the trustmaker is concerned could blow the money or desires the funds to be directed for special needs or last for a longer time. Trusts are not only for the wealthy, and in fact most Californians should at least consider having a trust. Specifically, a probate process can drag on for years and become public which is extremely concerning when you plan on keeping your family affairs private. A trust often saves the beneficiaries from unwanted scrutiny or creditor claims. An estate plan is a lot more than just a list of your assets and who gets them when you die. Even if your wishes are relatively straightforward – “I want everything to go to my kids” – making sure those wishes will be legally effective can sometimes be more complicated than you might think. That’s where our trust attorney, Andrei Jingan, will come at rescue ensuring that a tailored legal estate plan is created for your peace of mind. If you need a reliable estate planning trust attorney in San Francisco (Bay Area), Walnut Creek, El Dorado Hills, CA, or anywhere in Northern California, call us today for a free evaluation.
Romanian Lawyers Near Me - Daniel Lenghea
Daniel Lenghea Hollywood, FL
Criminal, Business, Business Litigation
5 years licensed
(305) 343-6707
Daniel Lenghea PA is a Florida law firm represented by Daniel Lenghea. Daniel is an United States Attorney who before being licensed in Florida was an International attorney in Romania. Daniel has the right to practice in both jurisdictions (Florida, and Romania) at all levels, including in the European Union. He is also an international arbiter being often requested to assist in international arbitration proceedings as he practices under the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bucharest. With over 15 years experience in civil, common law, commercial, international contracts and arbitration, Member of Romanian Bar since 1998, Florida Bar since 2010, Federal District Court for Southern District of Florida since 2011, Daniel Lenghea and his team can assist you with professionalism and specific knowledge on several fields but mainly in the realm of business, litigation, criminal defense, and immigration. Daniel Lenghea is a graduate of Bucharest University School of Law, he holds an MBA from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies in International Relations, a Juris Doctor of University of Miami School of Law, and a graduate of Harvard Law School Executive Program Leadership in Law Firms.
Romanian Attorney Near Me - Ama-Mariya Hoffenden
Ama-Mariya Hoffenden Hollywood, FL
Immigration Law, EB5 Investment Visa, H1B Visa
9 years licensed
(786) 353-4202
Ama-Mariya Hoffenden originally from Kiev, Ukraine is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian. Ama-Mariya obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Government with concentration in International Law from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She graduated with Magna Cum Laude and received an honorable mention award in her Model United Nations competition for writing one of the best position papers for delegation from Burkina Faso. Ama-Mariya obtained her Juris Doctor degree from Florida International University College of Law and is duly licensed to practice law in the State of Florida.

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